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AirGap Goes Live on Rootstock: The First Isolated Module Implementation

Published on: 19 December, 2023

This article is part of Rootstock’s series “Building DeFi on Bitcoin” that explores different solutions and integrations on the Rootstock blockchain that enable scaling Bitcoin, bringing DeFi capabilities to the world’s first blockchain. 

The open-source cold wallet solution has now been integrated on Rootstock — and comes complete with a cutting-edge, exciting new feature: isolated modules.

AirGap is now live on Rootstock — delivering an additional layer of security for people who want to access DeFi on Bitcoin.

This open-source solution is a free alternative to Ledger and Trezor, turning your smartphone into a cold wallet. Moreover, AirGapprovides an additional feature called isolated modules, which helps prevent vulnerabilities in one-chain integration from spreading further.

Thanks to this strategic integration, users will be able to store native Rootstock assets — including RBTC, RIF, DLLR and more — in a cutting-edge way. 

Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What is AirGap?

AirGap has been in the crypto market for six years — driven by a belief that cold wallets should be accessible to everyone.

While hardware devices have proven popular among some investors, they can be expensive. Owning one can also make you a sitting target for malicious actors, as evidenced when Ledger suffered an extensive data breach back in 2020.

AirGap Vault can be installed on a dedicated smartphone that is completely offline at all times — literally “airgapped” as the name of the project suggests. A companion app, Vault, can then be downloaded to the device you use on a daily basis. (Alternatively, you can do everything from one handset if you prefer.)

Cables are replaced by QR codes that facilitate interaction between both programs. And to ensure secure keys are truly random, the team created tools such as Dice Roll and Coin Flip.

Other features include support for Shamir’s Secret Sharing, which allows a private key to be broken up into multiple shards that are kept in different safe places.

What are isolated modules?

The AirGap code used to be one large, solid block. Now, with isolated modules, the code has been untangled and separated into distinct, modular components. This makes the codebase more flexible, allowing for easier development, updates, and maintenance. 

So What does this mean for the users?

This new structure gives the community the possibility to develop their own module and add their favorite chain. Each Isolated Module works on its own, making sure that no module can affect the other – which ultimately increases the security. This takes the Open Source concept to the next level as anyone can contribute to AirGap without any restrictions.

To know more, you can hop on to AirGap’s documentation here.

How Rootstock users benefit

This is an exciting development for AirGap enthusiasts and the Rootstock ecosystem alike — driving adoption of the DeFi applications that have already been built on this blockchain.

A wealth of resources have been made available for Rootstock users who want to learn more about AirGap, including educational videos that explain how this infrastructure works — and a straightforward 60-second clip illustrating how you can add RBTC to the cold wallet.

Self-custodial solutions like this are crucial for creating a safe environment where users can interact with the smart contracts being deployed on Bitcoin.

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