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Building on Bitcoin: 5 Big Takeaways From The Exodus Wallet & IOV Labs Twitter Space
21 September, 2023

  Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain visionaries JP Richardson, CEO of Exodus Wallet, and Daniel Fogg, CEO of IOV Labs recently came together for a discussion on X Space to discuss a range of topics from across the world of Web3 including how UX is holding up mass adoption, why Exodus chose to add Rootstock to […]

Blind Signatures: Top Privacy-Preserving Use Cases & Applications
8 September, 2023

In a world where our lives are online, privacy has never been more important.   Despite the decentralized nature of Web3 and crypto ecosystem, blockchain-based transactions may not be as anonymous as they seem. Because blockchains are public ledgers, every transaction is duly recorded on a database that anyone can access — with on-chain sleuths […]

RSK Fingerroot 5.2.0 is Here
5 September, 2023

We are excited to unveil the latest version of the RSKj Fingerroot client, now available in the RSKj GitHub repository. This update establishes RocksDB as the default storage library, delivering relevant performance enhancements for database operations. Although this upgrade is not mandatory, we always recommend that users upgrade their nodes to the latest version available. […]

Announcing The Winners of Bitcoin Scaling Hackathon
24 August, 2023

The winners of Rootstock’s Bitcoin scaling hackathon have been unveiled — with some of the industry’s brightest minds battling it out to build the next generation of dApps and infrastructure for Everyday DeFi.   Over 800 people registered for the Bitcoin Scaling Hackathon, which was a part of the first wave of the Rootstock Grants […]

DeFi on Bitcoin: The Top 4 Use Cases to Build on Rootstock
22 August, 2023

Web3 developers thrive on building dApps that solve the biggest challenges facing modern consumers. But too often, poor infrastructure stands in the way of delivering user-friendly technology that’s frictionless and powerful. Tepid transaction speeds and high gas fees prevent cutting-edge protocols from being used for everyday payments — slowing adoption and excluding users in emerging […]

RSK Fingerroot 5.1.0 is Here
17 August, 2023

We are excited to unveil the latest version of the RSKj Fingerroot client, now available in the RSKj GitHub repository. This update brings additions and enhancements to the JSON-RPC API, as well as security and performance improvements. Although this upgrade is not mandatory, we highly recommend that users upgrade their nodes to the latest version. […]

Rootstock vs. Ethereum: Why More Developers Are Choosing To Build on Rootstock
2 August, 2023

Bitcoin sidechains are changing the game, bringing scalability and use cases to the Bitcoin blockchain. For years developers have chosen to build on top of layer one chains, like Ethereum or Solana, for their flexibility and interoperability features. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is more known as a hedge, or a store-of-value asset. However, increasing […]

Fingerroot 5.0.0 is Here: What You Need To Know About Rootstock’s Upcoming Network Upgrade
10 July, 2023

Summary: The Rootstock (RSK) community has approved a set of consensus changes to be included in the upcoming Fingerroot network upgrade. Fingerroot will activate on RSK Mainnet on block #5,468,000. This is a mandatory upgrade; users who adhere to these changes must update their nodes to one of the latest versions. ​​What is a network […]

Announcing the Bitcoin Scaling Hackathon: Join the $2.5M Grants Program
8 June, 2023

We’re excited to introduce the latest program that’s focused on breeding innovative DeFi projects and solutions: a strategic grants initiative worth an impressive $2.5 million! IOV Labs, the supporter of Rootstock, partnered with HackerEarth to host a hackathon aiming to give participants fast-tracked access into our grants program.  The aim of this grants program is […]

RBTC Now Available On Ledger Live
5 June, 2023

The Rootstock network’s rBTC and RIF token are now available for secure management on Ledger Live. This latest integration marks a significant milestone in the ongoing effort to provide improved access, security, and flexibility within the Rootstock ecosystem. What is Ledger Live? Ledger Live is a comprehensive crypto management platform designed for users of Ledger’s […]