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Announcing the Bitcoin Scaling Hackathon: Join the $2.5M Grants Program

Published on: 8 June, 2023

We’re excited to introduce the latest program that’s focused on breeding innovative DeFi projects and solutions: a strategic grants initiative worth an impressive $2.5 million! IOV Labs, the supporter of Rootstock, partnered with HackerEarth to host a hackathon aiming to give participants fast-tracked access into our grants program. 

The aim of this grants program is set at distributing 100 grants by the end of this year – offering much-needed support for enthusiastic founders and entrepreneurs who are working towards shaping the future of finance. 

This program will explore key themes tailored towards expanding the Rootstock ecosystem like never before – including promoting meaningful adoption of Rootstock, and creating Everyday DeFi applications for a freer and fairer financial ecosystem. 

Join the Rootstock Hackathon and showcase your talent in the realm of Bitcoin-powered smart contracts and Web3 solutions.

Be a part of the $2.5M grants program

By building on Rootstock, you’re supporting sustainability and relevance for arguably one of the most popular cryptocurrencies globally. 

And from a career-development perspective, this hackathon improves your chances of qualifying for our $2.5 million grant initiative while giving every participant an equal opportunity to win up to $25,000 in prizes! 

All developers from across the globe are invited to participate and apply for the program. It’s a uniquely accessible program too, as Rootstock is natively compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This means developers can rely on their existing knowledge of solidity tools and libraries like Hardhat, Truffle, web3.js, and ethers.js. No prior experience with Rootstock is necessary.

Build to scale Bitcoin

The hackathon will promote the development and improvement of the tools and resources that make up the bones of the Rootstock ecosystem. Participants will be encouraged to innovate in how they tackle the unique challenge of scaling Bitcoin. We are committed to supporting the development of a completely decentralized financial ecosystem with a backbone of strong and passionate community effort.

Apply from mid May to mid July

The event runs from May to July and consists of an ideation and development stage, which both build up to a final live pitch to a panel of esteemed judges from across the Bitcoin and Rootstock ecosystems. Participants will be asked to use their imaginations and initiatives to bring their innovative ideas to life and show off how their projects represent the very best of Rootstock.

This launch is a true one-of-a-kind opportunity for developers to build exceptional DeFi solutions on the Rootstock blockchain that shatter the status quo and blast open the financial floodgates for individuals and businesses across the developing world. The individuals participating in the program are not just competing for prizes but introducing themselves to the Bitcoin and Rootstock communities.

Register now

We invite all interested developers to register for this event and gain access to the $2.5M grant program. Let’s work together to create meaningful change and empower people around the world through decentralized finance.

Compete in the Bitcoin Scaling Hackathon for amazing prizes, and earn an opportunity to join the new $2.5M grants program to turn your innovative ideas into reality.