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Gitcoin Web3 World Hackathon: 90% of RSK Bounties Fulfilled with IOV Labs as Main Sponsor

Published on: 13 February, 2020

RSK participated as a sponsor of the Web3 World hackathon, organised by Gitcoin, a platform that provides a double-sided market that connects coders to funding in a decentralised peer-to-peer manner.

After the hackathon we were pleased to find out that we were the biggest sponsor for the event. We had the most bounties available for participants to tackle, and also had the largest total bounty amount!

RSK bounties were just over a third of the total by count, and just under a half of the total by amount.

We were amazed by the quality of the participants as well. Thanks to zyfrank, bruce-forks, mraof, levalleux-ludo, atoulme, bakaoh, and CoeJoder for your excellent work! Your work has contributed the following to RSK:

Each bounty is an issue on Github, detailing the task to be completed, along with a pre-committed bounty amount. The bounties that we posted were quite large and complex, and most of them required an intricate understanding of the internals of RSKj. In spite of this, we had 90% of our bounties fulfilled.

We were very impressed with the quality of the developer community on Gitcoin – and we would love to post more bounties on the platform in the future. Meanwhile, we’re open to community contributions to RSKj. A huge thanks to the Gitcoin team for organising such a great event!