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Introducing Arrowhead 6.3.1: What You Need To Know About Rootstock’s Upcoming Patch Network Upgrade

Published on: 10 July, 2024

Summary: The Rootstock network will undergo a patch network upgrade on block 6,549,300. This mandatory upgrade fixes the PowPeg outage reported on June 24th; users who adhere to these changes must update their nodes to the latest version.

As described in the June 24th PowPeg outage incident report,  the Rootstock Core Development team has been working on a definite solution to the PowPeg service issue. As part of the defined action plan, we are making a patch release available to the general public today. This new release has been published in our GitHub repository and contains consensus changes that will activate on Rootstock Mainnet at block 6,549,300.

All nodes in the network need to run a compatible client version supporting these new consensus rules to work correctly. Consequently, if you adhere to these changes, you must upgrade to the latest client version before the network upgrade is activated. Otherwise, the non-updated nodes will remain on an incompatible chain.

What changes are included in Arrowhead 6.3.1?

The consensus change included in this version is:

  • Bridge Bitcoin block chainwork up to 12 Bytes (RSKIP-434)

For more information, please refer to RSKIP 436 – Network Upgrade (patch): Arrowhead 6.3.1. The corresponding GitHub milestone includes a complete list of the code changes introduced.

When will the network upgrade happen?

RSK Arrowhead 6.3.1 will activate at block 6,549,300. According to the network’s current conditions, activation will likely occur on Wednesday, July 24th, 2024, at around 10:00 am UTC. However, this can change depending on how the Rootstock Mainnet network’s average block time progresses.

When will the PowPeg service be resumed on Rootstock Mainnet?

When RSK Arrowhead 6.3.1 successfully activates at block 6,549,300, the PowPeg service will resume its regular operation, and any outstanding peg-in and peg-out operations will be processed.

In the meantime, users are advised to refrain from conducting peg-in and peg-out transactions to avoid extended waiting periods and are advised to rely on alternative swap methods.

Is there anything I need to consider when upgrading to Arrowhead 6.3.1?

There is no other special consideration besides updating your node before the network upgrade activates at the defined block number.

RSKj Arrowhead 6.3.1’s sha256 sum is 27f088e5c7535974203bc77711a1e9bbaa258cd7e5d69cd368d8ca5529b38115  rskj-core-6.3.1-ARROWHEAD-all.jar.

See the reproducible builds guide for further details.

How do I report problems with this version?

It’s essential for us to know any problem you may have running Arrowhead 6.3.1. Please reach out on the Rootstock Discord Server or by creating issues in the RSK GitHub repository.

How do I report security vulnerabilities?

If you find a security issue, please contact us at or report it through RootstockLabs’ bug bounty program. We reward security experts, software developers, and hackers who dedicate time and effort to improving and protecting the RSK platform.

Do you have further questions?

Please contact us through our Rootstock Discord Server for technical questions and support. 

You can also reach out with any feedback you want to share through our social media channels and forums.

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