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IOV Labs Launch

Published on: 13 May, 2019

We are happy to announce the launch of IOV Labs brand. IOV is the brand behind RSK and RIF Platforms.

RIF Labs that acquired RSK Labs will soon be renamed IOV Labs in order to differentiate the organization from the open source RSK and RIF OS protocols that the company built in order to extend Bitcoin Network capabilities and bring the Internet of Value vision one step closer to realization.

RIF Labs will maintain its leadership team and assets. It will continue to operate as a purpose driven organization focused on promoting and developing the open, blockchain-based financial system of the future that will enable worldwide financial inclusion and bridge the gap between these nascent technologies and mass adoption.

RSK Network, secured by the Bitcoin Network, is currently the most secure Smart Contract platform in the world.

RIF OS protocols, built on top of RSK, solve the main problems faced by the Blockchain ecosystem today by enabling sustainable scalability that can achieve payment processing levels comparable to those typically achieved  presently on the credit card industry. These protocols will create a highly efficient application development environment for developers, disruptors, governments and corporations that are willing to profit from the security, scalability of low-cost of these platforms. RIF OS will also provide a unified environment with all the tools needed to easily create and manage digital identities, reputational models, commercial agreements and transactions in a global and open financial system.

For more information about IOV Labs visit