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Meet the Winners of the First Waves of Rootstock Grants Program

Published on: 13 November, 2023

From DAOs using Ordinals to self-custodial payment products, exciting crypto projects are being built on Bitcoin with Rootstock right now. Let’s take a look at just some recent winners. 

A selection of winners from the first two waves of Rootstock’s grants program have been announced — and now, developers and projects are being invited to take part in the next round, giving them the chance to win a slice of $2.5 million in funding.

The initiative is designed to encourage entrepreneurs to build their next dApp on Rootstock — and play a key role in a new and vibrant ecosystem. Mentorship and marketing support are provided to successful applicants with a mission of bringing DeFi to Bitcoin.

Fast track entries for Wave II are being accepted until November 17th  — and if you’re looking for a little inspiration, here’s a deep dive into some of the projects that have been given a financial boost so far. 

Do you have an innovative idea?

Submit your 5 minute application to Rootstock’s Strategic Grants Program today


Content creators on Web2 platforms are often dealt a raw deal — but Asami aims to change this by reinventing the creator economy. Led by Nubis Bruno, an experienced founder with a successful exit under his belt, Asami enables creatives to monetize their accounts and have full control over the ads that appear over their content. This includes content, frequency, ad type and targeting. Meanwhile, an advertiser’s requirements are codified in Rootstock’s smart contract — with payment guaranteed and instant settlement once terms are met. This unique approach allows content creators to monetise their offering from day one no matter the size of their audience. 


Non-fungible tokens have taken the world by storm, but launching a collection can be a pretty daunting prospect. RskNFT aims to change this for the better by offering a user-friendly environment for creating, deploying and manufacturing NFTs — and cultivating communities. As well as being completely free of charge, this platform clamps down on scams and questionable projects, and integrates intuitive features including staking and burn-to-withdraw mechanisms. As part of this grant, NFT2Me also added support for Rootstock to their multichain NFT dApp. 

Footprint Analytics

Blockchain entrepreneurs crave data — insights that illustrate how their project is performing. Footprint Analytics allows analysts, builders and investors to tap into accessible visualization tools — with a multi-chain API that supports more than 27 chains. The goal is simple: allowing NFT collections, GameFi projects and DeFi protocols to grow effectively. Through this grant, projects onboarding to Rootstock will be given free, ready-to-use analytics — accelerating development across the ecosystem.


Tuki is a self-custody payment service solution that aims to transform how consumers interact with digital assets — delivering a peer-to-peer application that makes coins and tokens usable in everyday life. Rootstock’s grant will be invested in beefing up Tuki’s technical capabilities, broadening its market reach, and improving integrations with local and global financial tools.


Built on Uniswap v3, Oku is a DeFi trading platform that prides itself on offering the functionality and user experience often seen on traditional exchanges. Limit orders, live order books and comprehensive charts are available — as well as an enhanced swap interface. Oku plans to use this grant to deploy Uniswap v3 on Rootstock, giving the blockchain’s existing users access to this cutting-edge protocol. 


Bitcoin Ordinals, digital assets that inscribe unique images onto satoshis, are the focus of OrdinalDAO. This project is developing a liquidity pool lending protocol — further enhancing the utility of an asset class inspired by non-fungible tokens. Rootstock’s smart contract platform will be used to establish a decentralized marketplace for lending and borrowing Ordinals.

Get involved!

Are you running a project that could supercharge Rootstock’s offering — or have an idea for one? If so, join wave three of the grants program for your chance to win a slice of $2.5 million in funding. Remember: applications close on Nov 17th. Who knows: your startup’s name could be appearing in an article like this very, very soon.

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