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Rootstock x Bitcoin: Merged Mining Insights Report | Q1 2024

Published on: 15 April, 2024

This report is presented by RootstockLabs, a key contributor to the growth of the Rootstock ecosystem.

At Rootstocklabs, we strive to empower the community by offering transparent insights into merged mining dynamics through quarterly hashrate reports dedicated to Rootstock. Our goal is to enhance comprehension with user-friendly visuals such as tables and graphs, ensuring better visibility into the security of the Rootstock chain and the ecosystem as a whole.

Here you will find insights into the 2024 first quarter (January – March) Merged Mining report:

Download full report here.

Hashrate Reports Key Insights

With the quarterly hashrate reports, we dive into critical metrics to give users a comprehensive understanding of the Rootstock network’s strength and security. The following key insights offer valuable perspectives on the evolving mining landscape:

  • Total Quarterly Hashrate: Assess the security and strength of Rootstock through quarterly total hashrate metrics.
  • Bitcoin Mining Pools in Rootstock: Explore the increasing participation of Bitcoin mining pools in securing the Rootstock network.
  • Mining Pools Hashrate Distribution: Uncover the Rootstock mining landscape with insights into hashrate distribution.

Q1 2024 Merged Mining Status Report

Here, we provide the quarterly hashrate metrics on Rootstock for the first quarter of 2024. Here’s a comprehensive summary of the key findings:

  • Rootstock / Bitcoin hashrate ratio was 62.46%.
  • Rootstock’s quarterly average hashrate was 349.88 EH/s.
  • The top 3 mining pools were Antpool (37.9%), F2Pool (19.4%), and ViaBTC (19.2%).
  • Q1 2024 pool distribution is depicted in the following chart:

For a detailed breakdown, you can access the full report here.

What is merged mining, and why does it matter?

This video from Sergio Lerner provides a great overview on the history of merge mining, how it makes Rootstock the world’s most secure smart contract platform and why it futureproofs the Bitcoin network by extending its functionality.  

Are you a developer using merged mining?

Learn how you can maximize profitability and boost the efficiency of your mining in Rootstock’s step-by-step guide.

Do you have further questions?

Further information about merged mining on Rootstock is available at

You can get in touch with us through our Rootstock Discord Server for technical questions and support, or reach out through our social media channels and forums: