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RBTC Now Available On Ledger Live

Published on: 5 June, 2023

The Rootstock network’s rBTC and RIF token are now available for secure management on Ledger Live. This latest integration marks a significant milestone in the ongoing effort to provide improved access, security, and flexibility within the Rootstock ecosystem.

What is Ledger Live?

Ledger Live is a comprehensive crypto management platform designed for users of Ledger’s acclaimed hardware wallets. It offers real-time tracking, secure transactions, and robust management capabilities for a wide range of cryptocurrencies. 

With the addition of RIF and rBTC to Ledger Live, users can now easily secure, manage, and transact with these tokens in a secure environment.

What is rBTC (Smart Bitcoin)?

rBTC is the “Smart” version of Bitcoin. It acts as the gateway between Bitcoin and DeFi, allowing Bitcoin users to interact with smart contracts on the Rootstock network. The price of rBTC is always pegged directly to the price of BTC. Guaranteed by Rootstock’s built-in 2-Way Peg, one rBTC will always be convertible back to one BTC (and vice versa).

rBTC gives Bitcoin users access to the vast array of DeFi applications available within the Rootstock ecosystem such as Sovryn, Money on Chain and Tropykus. It opens up Bitcoin to the wider decentralized financial ecosystem, allowing for increased liquidity, interoperability, and greater mainstream financial adoption.

Where can you get RBTC?

There are 3 ways to obtain RBTC:

  1. PowPeg: You can convert your BTC to RBTC through the Rootstock blockchain’s native 2-way-peg (PowPeg). 
  2. RIF Flyover: It is also possible for business owners to incorporate efficient and secure BTC to RBTC conversion into their product using the recently released RIF Flyover protocol. 
  3. Wallets and Exchanges: RBTC is also available via different wallets and exchanges, such as Sovryn’s Fast BTC Relay.