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RSK Grants Program: Announcing 200K USD Funding for Blockchain Developers

Published on: 29 November, 2019

We are pleased to announce the RSK Grants Program. RSK, a Bitcoin sidechain that enables developers to import, create and deploy their EVM based dApps, invites developers from all around the world to participate and submit their ideas.

Why would you want to get started coding on RSK? Here are some important reasons: 

1 – Security for your dApps

RSK enables developers to code for the most secure Blockchain using Bitcoin’s hashing power through merged-mining. 


2 – Seamless Ethereum Compatibility

There are many ways to easily import your dApps from Ethereum into RSK. Additionally, if you are familiar with Solidity, you can start deploying your first smart contract on RSK right away. 


3 – Integration with Microsoft Azure

The integration with Microsoft’s blockchain-as-a-service marketplace (BaaS) allows developers to deploy and configure an RSK node in minutes, instead of setting up local servers and manually installing and maintaining the nodes. Blockchain developers can learn and experiment with dApps at a low cost, making continued dApp development on the RSK smart contracts network even easier. dApp developers can now focus more of their time and attention on building their products. Easy node deployment and maintenance also makes life easier for infrastructure developers, who can start deploying services on the infrastructure layer (like Infura, for example) and start earning revenue.


4 – Low Transaction Costs

RSK has historically been cheaper to use than Ethereum (network fees).


5 – Social Impact

We believe blockchain technology can transform the lives of millions of people around the world. We are working on several different projects with the purpose of creating a new Internet of Value. 


6 – Top Notch Documentation and Support for Devs

In our developers portal, you have complete documentation with API references, Code Examples, Tutorials & Step-by-Step Guides. 


Ready to join the revolution? Visit our Grants Program and get that funding you need to make your blockchain project a reality!