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RSK Hop 4.1.0 Is Here

We’re pleased to announce that a new RSK Hop release has been published in the RSKj GitHub repository. This release brings new JSON-RPC tracing methods, support for the latest versions of Hardhat development environment, the introduction of a peer reputation system, and support for RocksDb storage library, among other things. While this is a non-mandatory upgrade, we encourage users to upgrade their nodes to the new version.

How do I upgrade to version 4.1.0?

There are no special considerations for upgrading to this version. Users need to download and update their RSKj node; no other task is required.

RSKj Hop 4.1.0’s sha256 sum is d5ec4c766b184d13dde8c4cdef6f30481731b72c562c087bfd0c223d5709a2e6 rskj-core-4.1.0-HOP-all.jar. See the reproducible builds guide for further details.

What changes are included in Hop 4.1.0?

A non-comprehensive list of changes included in this version is:

  • Fixed corner case bug in eth_estimateGas JSON-RPC method in #1803.
  • Accept websocket connections without requiring the “websocket” suffix in the URL path in #1753.
  • Improved the eth_gasPrice method by fetching historical gas prices from DB at node startup in #1724.
  • Added Content-Length and Connection headers to JSON-RPC responses, solving issues Hardhat users had when interacting with RSKj, in #1836.

You can find a complete list of the changes introduced in the Hop 4.1.0 milestone.

NOTE: features marked as [experimental] are disabled by default. They require further validation and should only be used with caution. They can be changed or removed in future releases of the node. If you don’t know what these features are or their possible impact, you likely should not enable them.

How do I report problems with this version?

It’s essential for the whole RSK community that users report any problem they may have while running RSKj Hop 4.1.0. Please reach out on RSK Open Slack or directly through creating issues in the RSK GitHub repository.

How do I report security vulnerabilities?

If you find a security issue, please get in touch with us at, or report it through our bug bounty program. We reward security experts, software developers and hackers who dedicate time and effort to improve and protect the RSK platform.

Do you have further questions?

Please contact us through our RSK Open Slack for technical questions and support. 

You can also reach out with any feedback you would like to share with us through our social media channels and forums:





If you are new to RSK, you may want to check the RSK Developers Portal to find out how to start building on the RSK platform.