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RSK Hop 4.2.0 Is Here

Published on: 27 January, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of a new version of RSK Hop in the RSKj GitHub repository. This release includes support for running RSKj on ARM processors, compatibility with Java 17, and fixes for JSON-RPC issues, among other things. Additionally, some features, such as Peer Scoring and RocksDB storage library support, are now considered production-ready.

Although this upgrade is not mandatory, we highly recommend that users upgrade their nodes to this latest version.

What changes are included in Hop 4.2.0?

A non-comprehensive list of changes included in this version is:

  • Introduced a command-line interface tool to migrate between LevelDb and RocksDb storage libraries in #1834. See Rootstock Developers Portal for more information.
  • Added support for ARM CPUs on Linux OS in #1892. Requires using the RocksDb storage library.
  • Allow wildcard to hosts config to accept all hosts in #1800.
  • Fixed issue with eth_call JSON-RPC method when executed for a pending block in #1915.
  • Added support for Java 17 in #1812.

In addition, the following features, previously marked as experimental, are now considered production-ready but yet disabled by default in this version:

You can find a complete list of the changes introduced in the corresponding GitHub milestone.

How do I upgrade to version 4.2.0?

There are no special considerations for upgrading to this version. Users need to download and update their RSKj node; no other task is required.

RSKj Hop 4.2.0’s sha256 sum is 556132bb0423f0ca0a101704d56daad17eaa124d4f88cf97ced8ca7ebcddb0b2  rskj-core-4.2.0-HOP-all.jar.

See the reproducible builds guide for further details.

How do I report problems with this version?

It’s essential for us to know any problem you may have while running Hop 4.2.0. Please reach out on RSK Open Slack or by creating issues in the RSK GitHub repository.

How do I report security vulnerabilities?

If you find a security issue, please contact us at, or report it through IOVlabs’ bug bounty program. We reward security experts, software developers, and hackers who dedicate time and effort to improving and protecting the RSK platform.

Do you have further questions?

Please get in touch with us through our Rootstock Open Slack for technical questions and support.

You can also reach out with any feedback you would like to share with us through our social media channels and forums: