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The RSK Ambassador Program: Become a Rootstocker

Published on: 5 May, 2022

The RSK Ambassador Program is designed to reward community members for furthering the growth of the RSK community and promoting the adoption of the RSK network. With multiple roles and pathways available, the program is open to anyone ready to take on a more active approach to advancing the RSK ecosystem.

The RSK Ambassador Program is also one of the first in the world to offer an official certificate of completion. It will formally authenticate the ambassador’s understanding of blockchain technology and the broader cryptocurrency space.

The Roles

The user Ambassador roles are currently split into three different categories, based on your experience and desired path. 

  • Content Creator: Write and publish promotional blog posts centered on RSK and its ecosystem, create and promote video posts on YouTube, TikTok, etc, and record podcasts or video interviews discussing RSK.

  • Meet-up Organizer: Organize and promote in-person community meet-ups, drive large-scale RSK events, and run virtual meetings to help spread the word about all things RSK.

  • Communication Channels Moderator: Helping to moderate and engage discussions through community communication channels such as Discord.

These roles will evolve and be adapted to the talents and capabilities of every Ambassador.

In the future, the RSK community will launch an Ambassador Program focusing on developers who want to scale their talent in the blockchain space.

  • Developer (future): A planned path for those who are more technically inclined. It will involve learning and developing new applications within the RSK ecosystem.

The Benefits

Ambassadors will be paid for each task they complete! Under the current system, Content Creators and Communication Channel Moderators can earn up to USD 100 worth of RIF tokens (or USDT for US-based ambassadors) per month. And Meet-up Organizers up to USD 150. 

Ambassadors will have access to exclusive events and merchandise through the program. And weekly ambassador meetings will be held where you can expand your network by connecting with like-minded RSK community members. 

The RSK Ambassador Program also has added benefits for those new to the blockchain industry. The official certification and learning opportunities the program provides can act as a stepping stone to a future profession in the industry.

How to Join

You can apply to become an RSK Ambassador now using this form! You will then be invited to begin the certification process, which includes an interview with an RSK ecosystem member. 

After successfully completing the process, you will receive your official certificate and be added to the RSK Ambassador server to begin your journey as a Rootstocker!

Welcome to the RSK ecosystem where a freer and fairer financial system is a reality, built on Bitcoin.