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Why should you do merge-mining with RSK?

Published on: 25 мая, 2018

RSK is the first smart contract platform built as a sidechain to Bitcoin that rewards the Bitcoin miners via merge-mining, allowing them to actively participate in the RSK Smart Contract ecosystem

1. There’s nothing you have to do that would make Bitcoin mining difficult

RSK does not need special equipment to help us secure our network. We easily fit into the usual bitcoin mining. You neither need new miners, nor more or better hardware. We easily integrate into what you are already doing and assist you in reusing what you already have in place to maximize benefits from your daily production. RSK is a separate blockchain that doesn’t need additional efforts

2. You can earn money with your existing infrastructure and pool

RSK offers benefits to those already working with the bitcoin network so that they join our network and cooperate with its security. You can obtain fees from every transaction that takes place in RSK sidechain, without the need of getting better equipment.

RSK directly “plugs in” to achieve a perfect merged-mining and to ensure that cryptographic work, that will be discarded in Bitcoin mining, is reused in the first open-source smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network. The protocol rewards the Bitcoin miners with 80% of the transaction fees.

3. We prioritize the Bitcoin network

We do not only bring in players from different industries — including highly traditional ones -, we also boost the network through the execution of more complex and safe transactions, the payment of which is made in the currency supported by everyone: bitcoin. Thus, there exists a feedback relationship: the network helps us carry out safe and reliable operations, without the need of making efforts but earning money. RSK prioritize the ecosystem by ensuring that new players engage in the network of the future and by providing use value for the most mature and safest blockchain across the world.

4. A business with unlimited potential

At RSK MainNet there will be different types of clients: financial industry players, educational institutions, large importing companies, government and individuals. Ultimately, these are just examples because any industry wishing to ensure efficiency and security in its processes can actually resort to RSK’s smart contracts. There are endless opportunities within a market with unlimited potential.

If you are part or run a bitcoin mining software pool and want to learn more about RSK merged-mining, reach us out at mining@rsk.co
We’d love to support your integration and add value to the Bitcoin network together!