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Rootstock x CambiosApp: User Guide to Fast Global Transactions

Published on: 17 April, 2024

This article is part of Rootstock’s series “Building DeFi on Bitcoin” exploring different solutions and integrations on the Rootstock blockchain that enable scaling Bitcoin, bringing DeFi capabilities to the world’s first blockchain. 

CambiosApp, a mobile app enabling users to conduct global transactions and remittances with no intermediaries, recently announced its integration of Rootstock blockchain. 

This integration brings to CambiosApp a crypto-fiat on-ramp and off-ramp through the Rootstock and DeFi ecosystem.

In this article, we go into the steps of using CambiosApp to send and receive fiat and crypto around the world.

Step-by-step guide to using CambiosApp

Step 1:

Go to or the mobile app and create a new account.

Step 2:

Verify the user profile by providing basic data, email, photograph, and address.

Step 3:

After your KYC has been approved, you will be able to access the bank accounts of the registered country in the Information section. Once the transfer or deposit is made, save the bank receipt.

Side note:

CambiosApp also allows you to simulate a transaction, letting you understand the route, commission, and exchange rates.

You can check out the tutorial videos part 1 and part 2 on Instagram.

About CambiosApp

CambiosApp is a user-friendly remittance solution, offering a convenient, accessible, and secure way to transfer funds internationally. Currently, CambiosApp is present in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Panama, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, the European Union, and recently Brazil.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Telegram | TikTok

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