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Rootstock x Jumper: Guide to Bridging Rootstock on LI.FI

Published on: 11 June, 2024

This article is part of Rootstock’s series “Building DeFi on Bitcoin” exploring different solutions and integrations on the Rootstock blockchain that enable scaling Bitcoin, bringing DeFi capabilities to the world’s first blockchain. 

Jumper Exchange, the multi-chain liquidity aggregator and one of the top cross-chain DEXs built on LI.FI, has announced that it is now live on Rootstock. This integration bring users a significant improvement in accessing the Rootstock ecosystem.

In this guide, we explore how to bridge to Rootstock using Jumper exchange.

Step-by-step guide to bridging to Rootstock using Jumper Exchange

Step 1: Go to Jumper.Exchange 

Step 2: Connect your Wallet

In the top right corner, click “Connect” and select the wallet of your choice.

Step 3: Select the “From” Network and Token

Start by selecting the network and token from which you want to bridge to Rootstock in the “From” section.

Note: If the token you want to use is not listed, you can manually add the token contract address.

Step 4: Select the “To” Network and Token

In the “To” section, select “Rootstock” and the token you want to receive on Rootstock.

Note: To execute Same-Chain Swaps, select Rootstock as the “From” and “To” chain.

Step 5: Enter the Token Amount and Get Gas

Enter the token amount you want to bridge to Rootstock. If you don’t have gas on Rootstock yet (Rootstock uses “RBTC” to pay for gas), use the “Get gas” feature.

Step 6: Select a Route

Select a route on the right-hand side, or click directly on “Review bridge” to use the recommended route. If you’re happy with the route, click “Start bridging”

Step 7: Confirm the Bridge Transaction

Confirm the bridge transaction in your wallet. If you’re swapping non-native tokens, you’ll need to approve them first.

Step 8: Bridge Successful

Your funds have arrived on Rootstock! 

About Jumper Exchange

Jumper is Crypto’s Everything Exchange, enabling seamless swap and bridge transactions across 24 blockchains. By aggregating all of DeFi liquidity, Jumper ensures the best routes for any token transaction. With the Jumper Loyalty Pass, our most active group of users earn rewards and exclusive perks, creating the place to be for a community of the most successful Degens.

With over $5.5B in cumulative volume and $1B volume on a monthly basis, Jumper is a major bridge and swap solution in the DeFi ecosystem.

Make. The. Jump at Jumper.Exchange.

Website | X | Discord | Blog | Loyalty Pass

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