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Rootstock x SushiSwap: Guide to Bridge, Swap, and LP Rootstock on Sushi

Published on: 6 June, 2024

This article is part of Rootstock’s series “Building DeFi on Bitcoin” exploring different solutions and integrations on the Rootstock blockchain that enable scaling Bitcoin, bringing DeFi capabilities to the world’s first blockchain. 

SushiSwap, one of the biggest DEXs on Ethereum, announced the integration with Rootstock, becoming one of the main ways to bridge to the Rootstock ecosystem. And with its aggregator features, can provide Rootstock users with the best routes and swap rates.

Here, we dive into a ste-by-step guide to bridging, swapping, and LP Rootstock on Sushi.

Bridge Assets From Ethereum Mainnet to Rootstock

There are a few ways to bridge from Ethereum Mainnet to Rootstock. If you are starting from scratch, we recommend Symbiosis to get some RBTC to start. If you already have gas tokens like RBTC in your wallet, you can use the native RSK bridge with Ethereum.

Step 1: Visit Symbiosis 

Step 2: Go to Swap

Navigate to the Swap section on the Symbiosis website.

Step 3: Connect Wallet

Step 4: Choose the Token to Transfer From and Add Amount

Select the token you want to transfer from Ethereum Mainnet and specify the amount.

Step 5: Choose the Destination Chain

Select Rootstock as the destination chain and RBTC as the destination token, then click “Swap”.

Step 6: Approve the Transaction

Approve the use of the token in your wallet and follow the prompt on Metamask to submit the transaction.

Step 6: Transaction completed
You should be able to find the RBTC in your Metamask on the Rootstock network.

Swap on Rootstock via Sushi

Step 1: Visit the Sushi Website

Navigate to the Sushi interface by visiting Sushi.

Step 2: Connect Wallet

Use a Web3 wallet, such as MetaMask, and connect by following the prompt.

Step 3: Change Network to Rootstock

In the network selection area, switch from the default or current network to Rootstock. Ensure your wallet is connected.

Step 4: Select Tokens to Swap

Choose the tokens you wish to swap. Click on the token list to see more options in the dropdown menu. Select the tokens you want to swap from and to.

Step 5: Enter Swap Amount

Input the number of tokens you want to swap. Click “Swap” to proceed.

Step 6: Check the details

Confirm the details of the Swap and follow the instructions. You will have to approve the tokens you want to swap, follow the wallet instructions and click “Approve”. 

Step 7: Execute the Swap

Click “Swap” to initiate the transaction, then click “Confirm” in your wallet interface to execute the swap. Upon successful transaction, you’ve effectively swapped tokens on Rootstock.

LP on Rootstock via Sushi (v3)

Step 1: Visit the Sushi Pool UI

Navigate to the Sushi Pools interface by visiting Sushi Pools.

Step 2: Connect Wallet and Change Network

Connect your wallet and change the network settings to Rootstock if you haven’t already done so.

Step 3: Select a Pool

Choose a liquidity pool you’re interested in LPing, for example, RBTC/ rUSDT

Step 4: Select Price Range

Determine the price range within which you’re willing to provide liquidity. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Adjust the price range bar to set the minimum and maximum price.

2. Enter specific values into the designated boxes.

Remember that a narrower price range can result in higher fee collection but also increases the risk of being out of range and not earning any fees. Opting for the full range is equivalent to the classic v2, with no concentrated liquidity.

Step 5: Provide Liquidity Amount

Enter the amount for one token in the pair. The protocol will populate the other token. If one token exceeds the amount, try inputting the other one first. Just like swapping, you need to approve the spending cap for the tokens. Click “Approve (TKN)” and approve the tokens one by one on your wallet.

Step 6: Review & Confirm

Follow the instructions on the UI. Click “Preview”, then “Add Liquidity”. Confirm the transactions in your wallet.

Step 7: Manage Position

After adding liquidity, you can manage your position by selecting “My position” under the Pools UI. This allows you to adjust or remove your liquidity as needed.

LP on Rootstock via Sushi (v2):

Step 1: Enter Sushi App

Head over to the Sushi app and select Enter App in the upper right corner. Next, make sure your wallet is connected and select the Pools tab on the upper left corner of the screen to be brought to the pools page.

Step 2: Select V2 PositionThere are 2 entry points:

#1 Once on the Pools page, click on the drop-down menu at the end of “I want to create a position” to see both V3 Position and V2 Position. Select V2 Position. This will bring you to the Add Liquidity page, where you can provide liquidity to an existing pool, or you can choose to create a new pool.

#2 Choose Rootstock Network

Select Rootstock on the network and choose v2 under “Type” then select a token pair.

Step 3: Add the amount you want to provide liquidity to.

Depending on which entry point, you will see a slightly different UI. But both will show you the token pair.

Note: Both tokens will automatically represent a 50/50 balance, so make sure you have enough tokens of each in your wallet. Also, ensure your wallet is on the same network as the network you are providing liquidity to.

Step 4: Approve Tokens

Approve the tokens on your wallet.

Step 5: Add Liquidity and Confirm

Add liquidity and confirm on your wallet.

Step 6: Done

You can see your position on the pool page.

About SushiSwap

Sushi is a leading multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX), deployed across more than 30 blockchains. It offers a unique cross-chain swap feature, SushiXSwap, enabling seamless swaps across 14 chains. With Sushi, you can swap, provide liquidity, and access advanced trading and DeFi solutions for the ultimate DEXperience.

Website | X  | Full Sushi v3 Tutorial

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