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The future of RSK is in your hands…

Published on: 13 July, 2022

Announcing the RSK rebrand community vote! 🎉🎉

The vote will take place from July 13th until July 27th on the RSK ecosystem Discord server. The logo, design, and brand direction will be chosen in an open vote by the community — that’s you!

Users should be decision-makers on the future of blockchain networks; that is what true decentralization looks like.

How to vote:

There is no monetary requirement needed to participate in the vote. You do not need to hold RBTC, RIF, or any other token; the vote is open to everyone!

Vote weight details:

  • If you vote on Discord without leaving your details in Woobox, your vote will be count as 1
  • If you leave your details in Woobox but you don’t have an active RSK address, your vote will be weighted as 2x
  • If you leave your details on Woobox and you do have an active RSK address, your vote will be counted as 3x

Make sure you have your role assigned in Discord before voting to ensure the extra weight is counted! If you vote before your role is assigned, you can go ahead and revote once you have your role and the correct weight will be counted.

Step 1: Submit your Discord username and RSK address through the Woobox link

Step 2: Join the RSK discord server and join the #vote and #vote-details channels. The #vote-details channel will have detailed information on each brand being voted on.

Step 3: Vote — from today, July 13th, voting will begin on Discord. If you have submitted an active RBTC address, make sure you wait until you have been assigned an RSK user role on Discord! 

Voting will be open for two weeks to ensure everyone who is interested in voting gets the opportunity to do so. The final results of the vote will be published shortly after the poll closes. The winning option will become the official Rootstock brand.

Join the discussion on the Discord server now and have your say!


RSK website:




Why is this vote important?

The RSK mining hashrate is currently over 80EH/s, second only to Bitcoin. There are over 68,000 active accounts worldwide and a large base of open-source developers building on the network. RSK is already decentralized, so what significance is there in a rebrand vote?

This vote marks the commencement of the RSK network becoming fully community owned; by having community ownership over the blockchain, it becomes future-proof. For example, Bitcoin remains the most robust, reliable network in the space due to its strong community of dedicated users and developers. Everything is decentralized and community-run, from the miners to the marketing.

Consistent growth is the key to sustained decentralization, and the RSK community is paramount to achieving this. The community attracting new miners, developers, and users to the network, who in turn will attract others, will allow RSK to thrive.

The rebrand vote is the first in a number of initiatives that will hand total control of the network over to the community. The recent launch of the RSK Ambassador program encourages users to take on more active roles in the community. Regular community calls to discuss RSKIPs are an opportunity for the RSK developer community to have their say. And workshops, such as the IOVlabs dogfooding event, will take place all globally to familiarize people around the world with the benefits of the RSK ecosystem.

This vote instigates community ownership of RSK and fortifies the future of the network. RSK has always been community-run — the rebrand vote is about becoming community owned.