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Incident report: Rootstock peg-out service outage (Fixed)
6 October, 2022

Prepared by the RSK Core Development Team. FINAL UPDATE Jan 28th, 2023: The Rootstock network’s peg-out service is now fully operational with the activation of the new PowPeg composition and the successful migration of Bitcoin funds. Users can now resume their peg-out operations. We deeply appreciate the support from the Bitcoin mining community that enabled […]

RSK PowHSM is Now Open Source
5 October, 2022

TL; DR. RSK’s PowHSM firmware has been open-sourced and is available at the following GitHub repo:  Since the RSK network launched in early 2018, the RSK’s 2-way peg protocol has evolved from a federated model to what we call a PowPeg. One of the most distinctive characteristics of the PowPeg is the introduction of […]

Quantum Computing & Bitcoin: Myths & Misconceptions
23 September, 2022

When we talk about quantum computing, we tend to associate it with extremely high-performance computer systems that can take down any network in the world through rapid calculation processing speed. While this holds true to a degree, such doomsday narratives do not fit the actual functionality of quantum computing.  The term quantum computing refers to […]

RSK and the Ethereum Merge
22 September, 2022

“The Merge” is an upgrade to the Ethereum network that transitions from the existing Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism to a Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism. As an EVM-compatible chain, this transition affects the RSK network. Most notably, the RSK-ETH token bridge. The RSK-ETH token Bridge allows users to easily move ERC20 tokens between […]

RSK Hop 4.1.0 Is Here
7 September, 2022

We’re pleased to announce that a new RSK Hop release has been published in the RSKj GitHub repository. This release brings new JSON-RPC tracing methods, support for the latest versions of Hardhat development environment, the introduction of a peer reputation system, and support for RocksDb storage library, among other things. While this is a non-mandatory […]

Bitcoin, Gold and Silver: A Historical Overview
30 August, 2022

One of the central narratives that helped Bitcoin (BTC) become a trillion-dollar asset is its utility as a store of value. An unavoidable comparison that BTC is constantly subjected to is that of time-tested precious metals such as gold and silver. Both gold and silver have been an indispensable part of global commerce for thousands […]

Recap of AMA Session with Sergio Damien Lerner, RSK Co-founder
29 August, 2022

IOV Labs Chief Scientist & Rootstock Co-founder Sergio Demian Lerner took part in an AMA session on the 24th Aug 2022 on Rootstock’s Discord #AMA Channel. The Session was hosted by Anthony Sanches, IOV Labs Community Manager. Thanks for tuning in to today’s AMA with IOV Labs Chief Scientist & Rootstock co-founder Sergio Demian Lerner! […]

Rootstock: Built for Bitcoin
16 August, 2022

Rootstock was originally founded to enable a freer and fairer global financial system built on Bitcoin. Through merged mining, its built-in two-way peg protocol, and smart contract functionality, Rootstock brings the benefits of decentralized applications into the Bitcoin ecosystem. In 2015, when the original concept for Rootstock was proposed, smart contracts were still a novel […]

Hop v4.0.0 is Here: What You Need To Know About RSK Upcoming Network Upgrade
4 August, 2022

UPDATE – Aug 31st: RSK Hop has successfully activated in Mainnet on block #4,598,500. UPDATE – Aug 26th: RSK Hop has successfully activated in Testnet on block #3,103,000. Mainnet activation on block #4,598,500 is expected on August 31st, 9 pm UTC Summary: The RSK network will undergo a planned upgrade on block #4,598,500. The new RSK release […]

The future of RSK is in your hands…
13 July, 2022

Announcing the RSK rebrand community vote! 🎉🎉 The vote will take place from July 13th until July 27th on the RSK ecosystem Discord server. The logo, design, and brand direction will be chosen in an open vote by the community — that’s you! Users should be decision-makers on the future of blockchain networks; that is […]